Animas Valley Registered District Advisory Committee


Welcome to the Animas Valley Registered District Advisory Committee. RDACs serve primarily as public liaisons with the Planning Department, and are an opportunity for organized citizen groups to present the positions of their members and other residents of their district during district plan amendment processes and specific types of land use permit applications. Although District plans are advisory, not regulatory, they represent the more specific vision and goals of the residents in the District. The plans serve as:

  1. A foundation and guide for land use regulations and maps;
  2. A guide and resource for recommendations relating to local initiatives such as water protection, recreation or open space and housing;
  3. A source for planning studies to develop courses of action on a specific need;
  4. A resource for the development of regional plans or regional programs;
  5. A source of information for local boards, commissions, organizations, residents and business; and
  6. A long-term guide by which to measure and evaluate public and private proposals that affect the physical, social and economic environment of the community.

The Animas Valley is the only area outside of the City of Durango with zoning. Zoning was  implemented in the early 1990s after Dalton Ranch was begun to limited large developments in the Valley and protect the rural environment.

Membership in the RDAC is open to all residents within the Animas Valley. La Plata county request's two members to serve as the contacts between Planning and the Animas Valley RDAC. Those members are

Anita Rancatti - [email protected]

Shirley Dills     - [email protected]

Current Projects in process by the Animas RDAC

  1. Responses to Robert’s Resort
  2. Re-writing the Animas Valley LUC to bring the zoning code into closer alignment with the rest of the county.